Great News Everyone !!!!!

I am so excited about the future and what’s coming up in the next year. But first let me tell you about a new magazine article featuring my ‘En Plein Air‘ paintings. Earlier this year I was interviewed by the newly established DiscoverArt Magazine. Working in association with the art materials company GreatArt. Producing their first digital arts magazine for subscribers and the theme for this first issue was “En Plein Air”.

The article “The Call of the Wild” talks about my passion for painting “En Plein Air”. The materials I use, the consistent search for new subject matter (locations) and what happens when things go wrong. If you would like to read through the full article please download it here via the link. Alternatively, it can be found on my website under “Publications”.

Thank you for following my work. Please share using the social networks links or if you have any questions just drop me an email.